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Transporter bridges are a type of mobile bridge on which a gondola moves from one side of a river or body of water to the other. The gondola hangs from metal cables or a fixed transporter. The genial invention, designed by the Spanish architect and engineer Alberto de Palacio with help from Ferdinand Arnodin, was mainly applied in navigable rivers with the aim of not interrupting shipping traffic.

Since the Puente Bizkaia (Spain) was inaugurated in 1893 (declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO), it is estimated that more than 30 of this type were built around the world, of which 20 are documented. Currently, only the 8 presented here have survived the passage of time, constituting an authentic treasure of our industrial heritage.

We hope that this website helps to increase knowledge about them and to reinforce the recognition of their value, together with the need for their conservation for future generations.