World Association Of Transporter Bridges

The association was set up in 2003 in order to defend, protect and conserve these masterpieces of engineering and industrial heritage. Including 8 bridges, it is based at the Bizkaia Bridge as this is the oldest in the world, as well as being behind the initiative.

The idea actually goes back to 1998, when those then responsible for the Bizkaia bridge informed the Basque authorities (the Basque government, Bizkaia provincial authority, the port authority and Getxo and Portugalete town councils) of their proposal. From this point on, contacts were established with the other transporter bridges, and there were meetings and working sessions that five years later led to the founding of the association.

In the decade that followed, international cooperation revived to back a joint bid for World Heritage status, following the example of the Bizkaia Bridge in 2011, and alongside this the association was reactivated. In 2018 the Argentinean delegation signed the founding documents.