Meeting of bridges at Rochefort, currently being renovated

In November 2018, representatives of the Bizkaia, Rendsburg and Osten bridges met in Rochefort to visit the renovation work on the transporter bridge there and work towards setting up a world association of transporter bridges.


Delegations from Rochefort and Buenos Aires visit the Bizkaia bridge

This month we had the pleasure of welcoming a French delegation of those responsible for the Rochefort transporter bridge and the Nicolás Avellaneda bridge in Buenos Aires, not only to see the Bizkaia Bridge and the way it is managed at first hand, but also to work towards drawing up the programme for the forthcoming 6th congress of transporter bridges.

Two marvellous days where we forged strong links to promote a transnational project that brings us together around Alberto de Palacio’s brilliant invention.