Getxo, 2018

The Bizkaia bridge, on its 125th anniversary, a year packed with publicity, educational, art and leisure activities, took a step further along the path begun years before and took charge of organising the world congress. This dealt with the revival of the Transporter Bridge Association, set up in 2013 to safeguard these structures, and the Nicolás Avellaneda delegation signed the founding document for Argentina to be the leader of the joint bid. The French and German representatives undertook to sign it in the coming months.

The congress also saw the launch of the online platform, the first shared space to publicise and promote the eight bridges together: a forum intended to be lively and open to the public, a show window for individual initiatives and a launching pad for joint actions, committed to active participation by those in charge of the bridges involved.

La Boca, 2017

On the initiative of the La Boca foundation, the reopening of the Nicolás Avellaneda transporter bridge with new infrastructure and lighting was the perfect occasion to hold another international congress to stimulate the process of submitting the joint bid for transnational World Heritage status for the 8 bridges, begun four years before. Thus, alongside a busy programme of talks and lectures and a host of parallel activities (exhibitions, tours, visits to the Riachuelo and so on), the necessary steps were taken to achieve this status.

Rendsburg, 2013

The starting point was in 2013 at the International Congress of Transporter Bridges held in Germany on the occasion of the centenary of Rendsburg bridge, when those in charge of the bridges met in order to discuss the situation of each of these engineering masterpieces and together signed the document to bid for UNESCO World Heritage status, led by the Bizkaia bridge, which had gained this recognition in 2011. This sowed the seeds for future cooperation between the eight bridges in existence.