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Climbing the peak

Bizkaia Bridge and Ojoguareña Aventura have inaugurated a new heart-stopping adventure sport – every Saturday from 5.00 to 7.00 pm you can climb to the top of the 61-metre-high bridge and have your photo taken for just €12

127th anniversary of the Bizkaia Bridge

Despite an atypical year, we didn’t want to miss out on celebrating our 127th anniversary with climbing and wellness activities at the Bridge, including adventure sports and health activities. On this occasion, we were attended by Sandra Ballesteros from the Sattva de las Arenas centre, who voluntarily and free of charge offered meditation, yoga, and […]

Puente Bizkaia and Montes de Hierro Greenway united by their mining and industrial past

The management of the Bizkaia Bridge and Enkarterrialde have signed a collaboration agreement to promote information about the mining railway route and the Bizkaia ferry. The Enkarterrialde rural development association and Bizkaia Bridge have signed a collaboration agreement to raise the profile of the Bizkaia ferry and the Montes de Hierro Greenway. The agreement includes […]

125th Anniversary of the Bizkaia Bridge

2018 saw the commemoration of the 125th Anniversary of the Bizkaia Bridge. The opening event consisted of switching on lights and a book of symbolic signatures to kick off a year packed with activities intended for the public to enjoy, including painting, mural and photography competitions, heritage conferences and the world congress of transporter bridges, […]

Setting of the film

In October 2017 the Bizkaia Bridge became a unique setting for shooting the film “Ola de Crímenes” (“Crime Wave”), by the leading director Gracia Querejeta and starring top actors on the Spanish film scene including Maribel Verdú. While respecting the site and its structure at all times, in this way the bridge earns its place […]

Alliron Bizkaia, Art on the Bridge

As part of the 125th Anniversary and as an action cutting across the project on iron landscapes around the Bilbao estuary led by the Bizkaia bridge (www.allironbizkaia.eus), it has organised an artistic initiative to promote the site and its surroundings by backing young artists. In cooperation with the faculty of fine art at the UPV/EHU […]