Photomosaic collection. Documentary archives, creativity and visual communication

In 2016, as part of the Bizkaia Bridge museum project to exhibit a range of removable interpretation media and museum resources on parts of the structure (gondola, top walkway and so on), a series of large-format photomosaics were produced, which are now on show behind glass in the embarkation rooms.

The photomosaics, meaning a digital image constructed through a selection or sampling of graphic archives, show elements of the identity of the bridge that have become part of the collective imagination, and were produced on the basis of a study of historical documents in the possession of the company Transbordador de Vizcaya SL, the bridge operator, focusing on searching for useful graphic material (plans, photographs, illustrations, etc.).

The project, its methodology and its results were presented at the Legatum 2.0 congress, the 1st International Congress on the museology and promotion of cultural heritage. A catalogue-type publication was also prepared for the exhibition, featuring a careful selection of the photomosaics and the documentation used, which was organised by chronology and topics after a process of research.

Design and images by RewindTheCity

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