125th Anniversary of the Bizkaia Bridge

2018 saw the commemoration of the 125th Anniversary of the Bizkaia Bridge.

The opening event consisted of switching on lights and a book of symbolic signatures to kick off a year packed with activities intended for the public to enjoy, including painting, mural and photography competitions, heritage conferences and the world congress of transporter bridges, exhibitions like the Bizkaia Bridge&partners postcard show, popular theatre and lots more.



The anniversary year was concluded with an event headed by the highest authority in the Basque Country, the Lehendakari (first minister) of the Basque government, Iñigo Urkullu, who came along to show his support for the site and the workers who made its maintenance possible, to whom he paid a heartfelt tribute.

Photographs by Jose Angel Eizaguirre


Links to news:

Opening event, lighting up



The bridge is 125 years old on 28th July 2018



The Flying Ferry photographic exhibition



Closing event





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